Recordings of Pain, Love, Warmth, Misery.


Crafting music with a mixture of melodic feels and hard-hitting drops, WRATHE aims to drag you into a paradox of intimate emotions that will make you cry and smile at the same time. Honing his skills in music production for years now, Bay-area native Abraham Tien is taking the EDM scene by storm. WRATHE is always looking to push the boundaries of his productions and create the most captivating melodies. For WRATHE, music is an outlet for every kind of emotion. Listening to music should be a cathartic experience that evokes sadness, pain, well-being, and nostalgia; such is the beauty of creating something that can elicit so many feelings at once. With original releases such as ‘Just a Dream’ garnering over half a million streams on esteemed YouTube channel AirwaveMusicTV, WRATHE shows no signs of slowing down in the world of electronic dance music. For WRATHE, music has always been a necessity, not a want. His passion to evoke emotions through music transcend any other desires. The creative outlet music production provides serves as his motivation to continue to create. Music is a universal language that unites individuals throughout the world. With adept original productions, WRATHE aims to blend just the right of emotions to get you in your feels while continuing his upwards trajectory and make waves in the coming years

WRATHE - Out of Time
WRATHE - Just a Dream
WRATHE - Drift Away
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